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Organics Quiz

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Time to see what you know about Organics!
Fill in the Blank

1. When growing organic food everything is grown both safe for our __________ but safe for __________ also.

2. Organic farming does not include __________.

3.Genetics deals with inherited characteristics that are determined by our __________.

4.__________ is made up of two stands of nucleotides.

5. There are three categories that deal with the concerns of GMO’s; human health risks, environmental hazards, and ___________.

6. __________ is an organic insecticide and was originally beneficial in stopping the spread of malaria.

7. Gregor Mendel was known as the _________.

8. Mendel concluded that inheritance is determined by __________.

9. The Chemical Method of Growing Food does not include _________, that is was makes it different then the Organic Method.

10. There are many methods for growing food non-organically, one is by introducing pesticides the other is by inducing animals with _________ and __________.

Fill in the Blank

(environment and humans, pesticides/herbicides/insecticides, chromosomes, DNA, economic issues, DDT, Father of Genetics, genes, decay, hormones and antibiotics).

After completing this quiz and going through information amongst the site, it is hoped that you learned a great deal on Organics. Now when asked about organics, you can talk about the differences between conventional farming and genetically modified foods, address chemicals that are used in pesticides and how they affects us, and use biological terms and theory's to explain the process of genetic modification.